Enhance your restaurant with an ordering system that's more than just contactless.

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Drive orders and re-orders

More refills. Drinks. Sides.
  • Effortless re-ordering lets your customers order and re-order more - it's a win-win.
Work smarter, not harder.
  • Allow your staff to serve more tables with less check-ins.
Targeted Promotions
  • Stop shooting in the dark and easily implement promotions and upselling.
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Ensure the safety of your staff and guests

Go Contactless
  • Clean less and serve more with simple contactless menus.
Reduce interactions
  • Protect customers and staff by cutting exposure time between them in half.
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Enhance the customer experience - don't replace it

Faster turnovers
  • Seat more people every night by eliminating bottlenecks in your customers' wait time.
Know your reviewers
  • See every factor that leads to your best and worst reviews with easy access to data straight from your customers.
Easy whitelabeling
  • Show guests your logo and colors - don't sacrifice your authentic atmosphere.

Seamless Integration

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The customer scans our QR code at their table with their phone and places orders and requests.

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The staff sees an notifcation for their table and completes the request as normal.

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The customer can request a server, the bill, and order additional items with just the click of a button.

Chime works with any POS system and get setup for free with:

Custom designed and laminated QR table tents
Our platform with your colors and website URL
A dedicated team member for questions and support

How we've helped

Chime not only has enabled my restaurant's guests to have contactless ordering but it has improved our server's productivity (especially with expanded outdoor seating) and increased our check average.
Jeffrey - Ashley's Ann Arbor, MI
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